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"....You and I are sons of one faith..." Kahlil Gibran

Updated: Jan 4

Kahlil Gibran a Lebanese-American writer and philosopher, whose books are simple and very profound. My father used to quote from "The Prophet" and I remember flipping through it too. I read a quote by him recently that resonated with me and thought I should share it with everyone :

"You are my brother and I love you. I love you when you prostrate yourself in your mosque, and kneel in your church, and pray in your synagogue. You and I are sons of one faith—the Spirit."

Kahlil was born into a Christian family in what is now Lebanon, which at that time, was under the rule of the Ottoman empire. While his family migrated to America when he was very young, Kahlil had witnessed Lebanon's religious conflict in his early childhood and the struggles of its people had a lasting impact on him.

His philosophy and writings on spirituality were practical and are as relevant today as they were in those times. Kahlil Gibran was an interfaith crusader.


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