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'Visit My Mosque Day' at Bengaluru

'Visit My Mosque Day' is a practice followed by 250 mosques in Britain, who hold an open day for people from the neighborhood. An initiative which began with 20 mosques in 2015 has now grown to hosting thousands of people every year. Recently, the Rahmath Group started a similar initiative in mosques in Bengaluru. Priya Ramani, an Indian journalist and columnist of The Mint wrote about her visit to a local mosque in Bengaluru as a part of this initiative.

I do hope this movement becomes popular in other parts of India as well.

The experience of going to places of worship of a religion other than one's own is an awakening of sorts. I visited several places of worship in my city when I met with religious leaders last year. I remember my discussion with the Head Priest of the Fire Temple in Delhi, regarding his daily worship. I was not allowed to visit the inner sanctum of the temple since I am not a Parsi, but Mr Bagli explained the rituals to me. He explained that fire is always burning at the temple, which is a symbol of an illuminated mind, pure thoughts, and pure body. As he explained the rituals of worship, they suddenly did not seem very complicated. I started to draw parallels with a ritual in Hinduism of doing a 'havan' (when we light a fire and pray). This exploration lead me to search for answers about why havans are done and how they are different from other forms of prayer in Hinduism.

I have visited a mosque but have never seen the rituals and prayers. I should connect with the Rahmath Group to help me organise a visit. I look forward to learning more about Islam during my visit and hope you will make an effort to do the same!

Priya Ramani's Article:

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