• Ayesha Dhall

Religion a force for brands to pay attention to

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Religion is a powerful force that drives the social behavior of Indians. I had undertaken a research project on ascertaining the demographic factors of an individual’s religious engagement. I realized levels of religiosity does change quite significantly depending on the individual's age, gender and region. Do modern day businesses pay attention to religion and it's impact?

In my view, religion is considered taboo by most businesses and therefore left out of management research and practice. While doing my project, I realized that companies need to analyze the influence of religion on consumer behavior. The impact of culture is examined by businesses, that I believe needs to be deepened further to also view the impact of religion. I read an interesting research paper providing a conceptual framework for that. It analyzes basic religious constructs such as beliefs on death, moral cleansing, forgiveness etc. and its potential impact on consumer disposition towards brands. Go check it out!

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