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Protest in my city against religious exclusions in the Citizenship Bill

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Yesterday there was a protest in my city. It started out as a regular day and we realized something was amiss when we were allowed to leave school earlier than normal. Large number of people were out on the streets, a majority of them were young. As per news reports there was a government lockdown leading to suspension of internet services at some places, metro stations being shut, intensive checking at all the entry points into Delhi. It was a chaotic day for a lot of people I know. Later in the evening we realized there had been similar protests in Mumbai, Bangalore and some other cities. I have been scanning reports to find out how large these protests were, so far I have not found any credible numbers.

There seem to be two issues, one the exclusion of a religious group from the Citizenship Act is seen to be discriminatory and going against the ethos of India and its Constitution. The second issue is the manner in which the government is dealing with the situation. The government needs to allow people to protest, to express their reservations, rather than trying to suppress it.

I have been reading and researching the issues and arguments, both pro-government and against. I am waiting for the Supreme Court of India to decide on the first issue, will comment on it only after they have ruled. On the second issue, I do think the government needs to allow people to express their opinions through protests, social media or any other mechanism they choose, as long as they are peaceful.

The link below is a good summary of the facts, do read it to update yourself about the Citizenship Act

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