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  • Ayesha Dhall

Living arrangements of different religious groups in the world

Updated: Jan 19

Read this interesting piece of research by Pew Research on living arrangements of people from different religious groups. The research base is impressive across 130 countries covering 20 million households. Muslims and Hindus live in the biggest households with 6.4 and 5.7 people respectively, compared to Jews who live in households of 3.7 people. Worldwide Jews are more likely to live alone and Hindus and Muslims are least likely. 55% of Hindus live in extended family households and 5% of Muslims live in polygamous households.

Based on my experience in India, I do think a larger part of the differences are due to the geographies and cultures the people belong to and probably less due to their religion. This has been mentioned in the research article as well.

There are lots of other interesting statistics in the article below - do read it to get more details!


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