• Ayesha Dhall

Light hearted soul searching

Just watched a few episodes of a YouTube series (and a podcast) called Metaphysical Milkshake. Actor Rainn Wilson who was part of the sitcom The Office is the host of the show. His guests range from basketball hero Blake Griffin, celebrity talk show host Larry King, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and many others. Rainn discusses life's big questions such as, What is the purpose of life? What happens when we die? Do you believe in God? What does your soul look like? What do you do to get in touch with your creative core?

I remember asking similar questions to religious leaders and scholars when I interviewed them. The discussion was deeply philosophical and serious. It was interesting for me to hear each guest answer the questions in the talk show. Each episode had interesting insights and life lessons that each of us can learn from. Rainn's style is light hearted, the discussion is peppered with funny antics like Rainn sitting on Deepak Chopra, jokes and amusing stories. Philosophical and spiritual content can be quite boring especially for people of my age. I think Rainn breaks the mould and makes soul searching light hearted and very engaging,

Go watch Metaphysical Milkshake by Rainn Wilson!

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