• Ayesha Dhall

Interfaith community

Updated: Jan 4

I consider myself a member of the Interfaith community though, to be honest, I have not experienced being part of this community so far. The community exists in bits and pieces, here and there, mostly informal in structure. I do think we need to form these communities everywhere...probably also formalize them to help spread the word!

I was introduced to this community when I met Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, the head of the Jewish Community in Delhi. He is an active member and promoter of the Indian Interfaith community. He has presided over many interfaith marriages. During my conversation with other religious scholars, I gained a better understanding of their respective backgrounds and how each of them propagate interfaith harmony. Under the aegis of my platform Y4RH (Youth for Religious Harmony), I convened a panel discussion among these religious scholars, who discussed and debated the core principles and contemporary issues regarding religious harmony.

There is a need to expand the Interfaith community, with members from diverse religions who subscribe to principles such as peaceful co-existence and pluralism. This community will not be defined by festivities or regular congregations, instead its members enjoy building bridges between different religious communities. Instead of worshipping a deity, we will worship the ideology of promoting unity.

I believe that my duty is to translate the principles of this community to a language that is more appealing to my peers, today’s youth. I hope to use Y4RH, a platform that promotes religious tolerance among millennials, to disseminate information about the Interfaith community and expand its reach and spread.


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