• Ayesha Dhall

India's Partition : a National Geographic film

Updated: Jan 19

I am continuing with the theme of the Partition of India. A few months ago, I caught this amazing National Geographic television show by Gurinder Chadha (more famous as the Director of the film 'Bend it like Beckham') on the complex political, social and deeply personal story of the Partition. I liked the presentation of the program - it was simple and even someone with no knowledge of the event could watch it and understand what transpired. It featured interviews with historians and experts to help the viewer understand the sequence of events and the underlying reasons. Incidentally, Gurinder Chadha has also made a film on this subject which has come in for some criticism regarding the historical interpretation of those times.

I have not watched the film, but the NatGeo program left me filled with a deep sadness - the Partition with its mindless violence is such a shameful event in the history of the sub-continent. Hopefully shows like these and places like the Partition Museum will help later generations understand history and realise the futility of this barbaric violence against fellow human beings on the basis of religion!


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