• Ayesha Dhall

Exploring an interfaith community for young adults

Updated: Jan 19

The Interfaith Observer seems like a good repository of articles by researchers, scholars and volunteers. I will probably see myself going to this website to read and look for perspectives and research on various interfaith topics. I found the attached article on an interfaith field trip of young adults very interesting. This group (all of them were in their twenties) which had people from many faiths and ethnicities spent a Saturday visiting a mosque, a church and a buddhist center. They were exploring various methods to create an inclusive community across religions and cultures. The author Krithika Harish asks very pertinent questions in the article about why this community is required, also would it sustain in the long term. I must connect with her and other such inter faith advocates. I would love to listen to their experiences and then initiate similar activities in my community.


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