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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I am going to try to write and share my thoughts on this blog every day till I get busy again with the next spate of exams. 

Religious Harmony is a subject I read and think about every day. However, flipping through articles and seeing headlines, I am also starting to realize that there is so much information and news in the media on religious issues that emphasize on strife, breakouts and violent incidents.  While it makes for great headlines and breaking news, the facts often get lost and personally I have found it difficult to fully understand the roots of problems that have occurred in my own city. The issues the world faces today are complex and require a multi-layered and multi-dimensional analysis. Through this series, I intend to address this problem by sharing my thoughts on current issues both in India and breaking them down in the most simple and factual way possible and (sometimes) talking about my opinion on them. I also hope to share some pieces about religion (focusing on harmony rather than conflict) that I have enjoyed! 

(Just remember: this is simply for the purpose of sharing my thoughts and in no way is a claim that my opinion is absolutely correct.)

More will be coming your way!

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