• Ayesha Dhall

"Be secular citizens"

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I graduated from my high school today. I have spent my entire education in this school. It was a bitter-sweet morning of getting felicitated and also bidding farewell to the teachers and juniors. Our school Director Ms. Manika Sharma in her speech to the graduating class urged us to "be secular citizens" who do not differentiate on the basis of religion. As we step out of the school to study in colleges all over the world, we need to remind ourselves of this principle more than ever before.

As the youth of the world, we need to build bridges between different religions. My peers are the most environmentally conscious and socially aware generation of all time in the history of humankind. I think we need to also be the most religiously harmonious generation of all time! I believe that it is my duty to translate the principles of the Interfaith community to a language that is more appealing to today’s youth so as to increase its reach and spread. It is an also an absolute priority in the highly fractured society we live in today!

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