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A women led protest against the Citizenship Law

Updated: Feb 14

Shaheen Bagh, a peaceful sit in protest led by Indian women in a predominantly muslim neighborhood in Delhi has been in the news for many weeks. Their primary demand is for the government to review the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA )and its associated legislations. This protest has now been going on for over 50 days.

The protest is an important milestone for women of India, they are doing a 24 by 7 silent sit-in on a public road. There are hundreds of women of all ages, there are mothers, grand mothers, young women, all braving the chilly Delhi weather. This protest is an act of exceptional courage and strength of character for these women, most of them have typically been confined to their homes and this is their first initiative in the public arena.

State elections are coming up in Delhi in a few days and there is an attempt by the political parties to use the protest to further their political agendas. The rhetoric around the Shaheen Bagh protests is becoming shriller by the day, it is becoming hard to figure out the real facts. The situation had become tense a few days ago with two incidents of attempted gun violence in the area. Support from musicians, stand up comics, artists across all faiths have led to a spontaneous festival till the elections.

The protest blocks a major arterial road which connects Delhi to a suburb in Noida, it is causing daily hardship to a lot of people. I am sure the Supreme court verdict on the CAA will help diffuse the situation. I am hoping there is a peaceful solution to this matter soon!

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