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A Soul Connection : Having the same taste in music

Updated: Feb 15

Youtube channel T-series clocked over 100 million subscribers this year, they became the most watched channel in the world. The content of this channel is Hindi music from Bollywood movies and other sources. It has subscribers from all over the world, I would imagine it is very popular in the South Asian and Middle Eastern countries where Hindi is easily understood. Religious tension and strife has been at the forefront in this entire region, yet everyone enjoys the same music. Music truly has the ability to transcend all boundaries and differences.

Faiths in Tune is a unique interfaith initiative which seeks to build bridges across religions through music. Music festivals organised by them in Germany, Italy and UK attract hundreds of people and many artists. This one video I saw was a melodious and soulful rendition of Silent Night by people from Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish faiths. I found myself singing along with the chorus after the first few times "Peace on earth and good will to all. This is a time for joy, this is a time for love. Now let us all sing together for Peace, Peace, Peace on earth." The concert in summer of 2020 is on my bucket list now!

Faith In Tune, Winter Holiday Concert 2019 "Silent Night":


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